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Welcome to PJHS Library

  • Books are checked out for a 2 week span. If more time is needed you are welcome to re-check the book UNLESS it is one of the very popular titles which are reserved for multiple other patrons.
  • Please note--- STUDENTS WITH BOOKS OVERDUE FOR MORE THAN 2 WEEKS MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN IN-SCHOOL EVENTS. Please encourage your child to make every effort to return books and materials by or on their due dates.
  • Please make every effort to return books or re-check by or on due date. Due dates are two weeks from the date of checkout.
  • The library is open from 7:20A.M.- 3:15 P.M. while school is in session. Note that classes regularly reserve the library for research and be respectful of others when entering, browsing, and exiting. There will be days when you are asked to visit at an alternate time-- before school, during breaks, and after school are welcome.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE LIBRARY! Finish your snacks BEFORE entering or drop them in the trashcan by the front door.
  • Take care of checked out material; you could be asked asked for repair/ replacement costs if books are damaged. Please return books in the condition they were checked out.
  • Lost books/ material will be requested to be replaced or pay the cost of the book lost. This can be a costly and time consuming task- so please keep up with your checked out books. Do not loan your book to others-- you are responsible for material checked out in your name.


Computer Lab

  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN COMPUTER LAB! Computers and components can be expensive to repair and replace-- finish your snacks and drinks before entering the library. 
  • Real time monitoring software is installed on each computer. If a student found using computers in an inappropriate or prohibited manner, you will lose privileges for the class period or day, which could lead to disciplinary action. 
  • No student will be allowed access to campus computers without a signed handbook form which states the student (and/ or parent) agree to the Student Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Print only what you need and only for school assignments. If you have questions about how to print material, PLEASE see Mr. Puckett for assistance. *We no longer have color printers in the library*
  • If you use a flashdrive, thumbdrive, or removable media that has been in another computer, it MUST first be scanned for malware and viruses before use in the library. You may ask for assistance from Mr. Puckett.
  • Do not download anything to any computer. If you must save a document to the computer, please label it with your name, and save in the My Documents folder. You may ask Mr. Puckett for assistance. 
  • There are trashcans in the computer lab near both doors, please use them for your unwanted items-- candy wrappers, broken pens/ pencils, partial print pages, etc.
  • If a computer 'hangs' or stops working, PLEASE ASK FOR ASSISTANCE.
  • "Exploration" of the hard drive is not acceptable.
  • Only open documents you have created. Be respectful of others hard work.
  • Do not delete or modify documents created by others. 
  • Computer lab generally has the same hours as the library. Note that the computer lab will be off limits to students without supervised class attendance unless special circumstance warrants and has been approved by either Mr. Puckett. 
  • Students will not be allowed into the lab when a different class has the lab reserved for research or project assignments.
  • Internet gaming is NOT an acceptable practice in the library or library computer lab. There will be no acceptable excuse or reason for this practice. ALL internet games download and install unnecessary files to the computer, hindering functionality for other patrons.