About The School  


Priceville Junior High School is a Morgan County School that contains grades six through eight. The school at one time was part of the Priceville High School. . In 2002, Priceville High School’s status was re- instated and the move to separate into two schools was set in motion. At the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year the Morgan County School Board approved the separation of grades 6-8. During the first school year, there were 333 students who called themselves Priceville Junior High School students. Now, the student body has grown to 363 students and 26 faculty members,
including an assistant principal, junior high counselor, office secretary, and a full- time custodian (excluding cafeteria staff, and librarian—which are shared faculty.) The campus’ original buildings include the small gym and ISS workroom/Nurse’s office, which once housed the cafeteria. Baker Construction, Inc built the library/ media center in 1983. The primary junior high building was constructed in 1962.